Outstanding Part-Time Teaching Award

The Outstanding Part-Time Teaching Award is designed to encourage, reward, and publicly acknowledge sustained excellence in teaching by part-time faculty. The award recognizes excellence in teaching practices that reflect the highest standards pedagogy, a record of outstanding teaching effectiveness, the ability to inspire, promote, and sustain the intellectual development of students, course and program development, fostering of critical thinking and independent inquiry of students. 


The following are non-ranked examples of accomplishments that may be included as evidence. 

  • Evidence of consistent excellent teaching; 
  • Student success and/or accomplishments; 
  • Advising and/or mentoring of students (e.g., internships, directed studies, study abroad); 
  • Intellectually rigorous, creative, and engaging pedagogy; 
  • Development, and/or innovative instructional techniques and technologies. 


Any part-time teaching faculty with a minimum of two (2) complete years of service at KSU. (Two complete years is defined as having taught and completed a minimum of four (4) semesters at KSU in any combination of Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters; one of which must have been within the last academic year). Administrators with faculty rank are ineligible for part-time teaching awards. Award winners are eligible to receive an award once every 5 years. 


Each award consists of $1,000.

Number and Frequency of Awards: 

Up toOne (1) award in each of the degree-granting colleges may be presented annually. 

Evaluation Criteria and Procedures 

Selection of the college recipients is the purview of the respective college Deans, who will establish their own procedures, criteria, and application materials.In general, the awards committee should look for originality, creativity and productivity and for evidence of outstanding teaching and mentoring. Factors to be considered can also include teaching load, course level, and some form of the evaluation of teaching from students and colleagues and other contributions to the department. Once the college winner is selected, Deans or their representatives will upload the selection in the system. 

College selections must include:

  • A completed Cover Sheet (see below), including a 100 word description of the rationale for the selection and the accomplishments of the part-time faculty;

Only Deans and their representatives have permission in the system to submit nominees. To submit, visit https://fdr.kennesaw.edu/ksu-faculty-awards

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