About Us


The Faculty Development and Recognition program (FDR) supports faculty in meeting and exceeding their professional expectations at all stages of their careers. The foci of this program are 1) equipping teaching and administrative faculty with the knowledge and tools they need to  navigate crucial transitions (promotion, tenure, and transition into leadership), 2) administering the KSU Foundation awards program to recognize faculty excellence in the areas of teaching, research, service, diversity advocacy, and global and community engagement, and 3) building community and fostering a positive sense of connection to the institution through research-based resources in the areas of mentoring and faculty engagement.


The Faculty Development and Recognition (FDR) program was established in July 2017 by then-provost Dr. Ken Harmon and Senior Associate Vice President for Faculty Affairs Dr. Ron Matson. The purpose of the program was to bring together a variety of programs geared toward the professional development of faculty beyond teaching excellence in order to broaden the concept of what professional development for faculty means at KSU. The existing programs build on the legacy of former KSU president Dr. Betty Siegel as the seeds for what eventually became FDR were planted during her administration. At that time, some initiatives were developed and administered by Drs. Bill Hill, Linda Noble, and Meghan Burke at the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, while others were developed by then-Associate Vice President for Curriculum Dr. Val Whittlesey. Now all the programs find a home in FDR.

The program was created with the expansion of Dr. Michele DiPietro’s position from Executive Director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning to Executive Director of Faculty Development, Recognition, and CETL. The initial charge included workshops to support faculty applying for Promotion and Tenure, leadership development workshops for Chairs and Directors, the administration of the process for the KSU Foundation Awards, and support work to the implementation of the end-of-semester student evaluations software.

In 2018, FDR partnered with the Katherine Epps foundation to create and offer the first Katherine Epps Faculty Wellness Retreat in honor of Dr. Epps’s legacy.