2018 Winners of the KSU Foundation Faculty Awards

The Faculty Development and Recognition program is excited to announce the 2018 winners of the KSU Foundation Faculty Awards. KSU prides itself in its robust award program, which is exemplar in the state of Georgia, for which we acknowledge the generous support of the KSU Foundation. Our thanks also extend to the reviewers and conveners of the various award committees for their thoughtful and thorough review of all the portfolios. More information about the award ceremony will be forthcoming and publicized through the Faculty Development and Recognition.

Please join me in congratulating our colleagues for all their achievements!

KSU Distinguished Professor

  • Laurence Sherr, School of Music

KSU Outstanding Teaching

  • Jesse Benjamin, Sociology and Criminal Justice                    
  • (finalist): Valerie Dibble, School of Art and Design
  • (finalist): Stacy Keltner,  Interdisciplinary Studies

KSU Outstanding Research and Creative Activity 
(in the area of Engineering Applications)

  • Bill Diong, Electrical Engineering

KSU Outstanding Research and Creative Activity
(in the area of Interdisciplinary Research) 

  • Anne Richards, English

KSU Outstanding Book

  • "Arts Trends USA: An Anthology of ePerformance," by Ming Chen, Theater and Performance Studies

KSU Professional Service 

  • Andrew Pieper, School of Government and International Affairs          

KSU Outstanding Community Engagement 

  • Govind Hariharan, Economics, Finance, and Quantitative Analysis   

Madhuri and Jagdish N. Sheth Faculty Award for Distinguished International Achievement 

  • Kamal Fatehi, Management and Entrepreneurship

KSU Outstanding Diversity Advocate

  • Griselda Thomas, English and Interdisciplinary Studies

KSU Outstanding Early-Career Faculty

  • Megan Adams, Secondary and Middle Grades Education
  • Jeanne Bohannon, English
  • Jennifer Purcell, Leadership and Integrative Studies
  • Gerald Mangine, Exercise Science and Sport Management
  • Nyasha GuramatunhuCooper, Leadership and Integrative Studies
  • Youngguk Seo, Civil and Construction Engineering   

KSU Outstanding Part-Time Teaching

  • Sam Peng, Construction Management
  • Tricia Frazier, Instructional Technology         
  • Thomas Garr, Economics, Finance, and Quantitative Analysis
  • Marc Brotherton, School of Art and Design
  • Diana Rabah, Information Technology
  • Nelda Hadaway, Mathematics
  • Alan Kazemian, Electrical Engineering
  • Kimberly Watkins, Psychology
  • Emily Hein Warren, Michael Leven School of Culinary Sustainability and Hospitality